Tar & Chip Pavement

Chip Tar 262 asphalt paving x600Chip Coating or Tar & Chip Paving Process

Tar & Chip Paving also known as Chip Coating is a close alternative to asphalt paving. Tar & Chip paving requires the same preparation as paving a road or drive with asphalt. Once the surface has been graded to the proper specifications a coat of asphalt cement (or tar) is applied to the road at the proper thickness. Distributed evenly at the right consistency and the correct temperature the roadway is coated and ready for gravel to be applied.

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Asphalt Milling & Resurfacing

004 able asphalt 3 2014x600Asphalt Milling Resurfacing Process

Asphalt milling or cold planning is grinding up the asphalt with a large machine and collecting asphalt that is chewed up into a dump truck or semi-trailer. As streets, roads, and some driveways are resurfaced they become uneven or too tall for the curb system. The process of milling will plane and smooth the surface out level as the machine grinds up the top surface of the roadway. After the milling process is complete the roadway is even and somewhat rough, giving it good traction.

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Perma Pave Process

046 able asphalt 3 2014x600Perma Pave Resurfacing Process

Does your parking lot suffer from cracks and potholes to the point that it is costing you business? If your parking lot is in need of repair, but you don't feel like spending a fortune, perhaps Resurfacing your existing asphalt surface could be the answer. Resurfacing is more cost-effective, but how long will it last? The solution is called the Perma Pave Process. Able Asphalt has the experience to deliver maximum results with the Perma Pave Process and provide savings from other more costly alternatives.

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Asphalt Patching

1463 able asphalt 3 2014x600Asphalt Patching and Repairs

Able Asphalt can handle all your asphalt repairs and maintenance needs. Since 1965 our reputation has been built on good hard work for our customers. We understand the demand for value when it comes to repair work. Potholes and large cracks can spread and create more damage as time wears on, driving up the cost of repairs. When it comes to applying an asphalt patch job will find our work second to none. We offer a free quote and understand the need to work within a budget.

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